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Customer service channels:


priceline Customer Service – Call Center

priceline customer service call center phone number: 1-877-477-5807.

priceline call center operating hours: 24/7.

Additional phone numbers:

United States: 877-477-5807
Canada: 877-477-5807
Mexico: +52-18002833214
Austria: +43-800-070854
Belgium: +32-800-74-061
Czech Republic: +1-203-220-6946
Germany: +49-800-5052829
Denmark: +45-80-83-10-36
Finland: +358-800-912954
France: +33-805-11-83-35
Greece: +30-80016122031547
Hungary: +1-203-220-6946
Ireland: +1-203-220-6946
Israel: +800-774-23546
Italy: +39-800-669-780
Netherlands: +31-800-0249689
Poland: +48-12-881-32-98
Portugal: +800-774-23546
Spain: 34-900-983-240
Sweden: +46-20-033-67-82
Switzerland: +41-800-838-799
United Kingdom: 020-7136-8462
Elsewhere from within Europe: +44-20-7136-8462
Antigua and Barbuda: +1-203-220-6946
Bahamas: 1-800-774-2354
Barbados: +1-203-220-6946
Bermuda: +1-203-220-6946
Cayman Islands: +1-203-220-6946
Dominican Republic: +1-203-220-6946
Grenada: +1-203-220-6946
Jamaica: +1-203-220-6946
Puerto Rico: +1-203-220-6946
St. Kitts and Nevis: +1-203-220-6946
St Lucia: +1-203-220-6946
Turks and Caicos Islands: +1-203-220-6946
Trinidad and Tobago: +1-203-220-6946
British Virgin Islands: +1-203-220-6946
US Virgin Islands: +1-203-220-6946
Australia: +1-203-220-6946
China: +1-203-220-6946
Guam: +1-203-220-6946
Hong Kong: +1-203-220-6946
Japan: +1-203-220-6946
Republic of Korea: +1-203-220-6946
New Zealand: +1-203-220-6946
Philippines: +1-203-220-6946
Singapore: +1-203-220-6946
Thailand: +1-203-220-6946
Taiwan: +1-203-220-6946
Argentina: +1-203-220-6946
Brazil: +1-203-220-6946


priceline Customer Service – Website

priceline customer service and self service at click here.


priceline Customer Service – Twitter

priceline customer service twitter link: click here.


priceline Customer Service – facebook

priceline customer service facebook link: click here.

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priceline Customer Service – Email

– No email support.

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priceline Customer Service – Chat

priceline customer service chat link: click here.

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priceline Customer Service – Address

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